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This site is accessible from World Wide Web, Gopher, and Gemini, and is hosted at smol.pub.

Everything is kept deliberately simple and minimalist. Both Gopher and Gemini are mainly plain text based media.

Please note that only the "articles" (blog) section of the site is available through Gopher. Additionally, attached images are not displayed on Gopher.


There are no cookies, analytics, trackers, advertising, or bells-and-whistles. No personal data is ever collected here. If you like what you see here, please let me know by writing to hello@willowashmaple.xyz (I strongly encourage the habit of encrypting emails; my PGP public key is found at https://keys.openpgp.org) as that's really the only way I would know anyone's been here!


As this site is mostly text-based and contains no scripting, it should be fully compatible with screen readers.

Any Web browsers, including Lynx and Links, are welcome here.

Gopher browsers

gopher gopher://smol.pub:70/1/willowashmaple  


lynx gopher://smol.pub:70/1/willowashmaple  

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Gemini browser

The URL for this site in Gemini is: gemini://willowashmaple.xyz (note the gemini:// part). If your browser returns a security certificate error, try the alternate URL, gemini://willowashmaple.smol.pub

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On the Web version of this site:

Photographs appearing on this site have been processed with the Imagepipe app (de.kaffeemitkoffein.imagepipe) to minimize file sizes and to remove Exif data.


Contents of this site marked as "posts" (i.e., blog articles) may be freely used under the terms of the Cooperative Nonviolent Public License (CNPLv7+). All other uses require express permission of the author. Contents of this site marked as "pages" are exceptions to this, and may not be republished, redistributed, or reused in any way without express permission of the author.


Land acknowledgements

Willow wishes to acknowledge this land, which has for thousands of years been the traditional home of the Atfalati (Tualatin Kalapuya) nation. Today, this place is still the home to many indigenous people from across this continent, including those of the modern-day Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde.

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About the Atfalati (Web)
Confederated Tribes of Grand Ronde
Beyond land acknowledgement


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